UMKC Administrative Support Staff Exit Survey

The University of Missouri-Kansas City wants to better understand what employees value most in their workplace and why they leave the University or transfer divisions/schools/departments.

We value your input! If you did not have the opportunity to complete the exit survey upon your departure, we are asking for your participation now.  

Your honest responses to the questions are extremely important to us. Your feedback provides a means of assessing employee satisfaction and the information you provide will remain anonymous and will be used in summary form as a means to identify patterns or trends in the work environment at the University.

 If you wish to speak with someone in person regarding your work experience, please contact Human Resources at 816-235-1621. 


Thank you for your assistance and your service to UMKC

*As a reminder; should you have a change of address, please notify Human Resources as soon as possible for W-2 purposes.


How long have you been employed by UMKC?
Gender Identity:
Please indicate your ethnic or racial identity:

Please select your age group?
While at UMKC, were you responsible for supervising employees or student employees?
Why did you decide to leave your current position with UMKC? (Choose up to Three)

Please rate your level of satisfaction with each item during your employment with UMKC.
 Very UnsatisfiedUnsatisfiedSatisfiedVery Satisfied
Type of Work
Professional Development Opportunities
Benefits Package
Resources to Do Your Job
Physical Working Conditions
Chance for Advancement
Sense of Accomplishment
Work Load
Job Security
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements as they related to your most current position within UMKC. 
 Strongly DisagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly Agree
My supervisor was available when I needed assistance.
There was a positive working relationship with the employees in my department.
The lines of communication were open and policies were made clear.
My supervisor understood my job and provided frequent feedback.
I was treated fairly by my supervisor.
I would consider employment with UMKC in the future.
I would recommend UMKC as a good place to work.
I had an opportunity to participate in decision making at work.
Did you experience discrimination while working at UMKC?
What makes your new job more attractive than your previous job at UMKC? (Up to three)

Please mention any employee or supervisor at the University who positively contributed to your employment experience.
What would make UMKC a better place to work?
 What could have been done to prevent you from leaving your last position at UMKC?


Please select the division in which you were most recently employed at UMKC.